Why Indian Directors Should Make More Movies Like Sam Bahadur

Picture Courtesy: Vicky Kaushal/Instagram

The time when the Indian audience was dancing to the tunes of ‘Animal,’ a movie with a historical plot, was struggling to find its place in the hearts of the Indians. Animal and Sam Bahadur both were released on December 1, (2023) yet the media seems to be going crazy over the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer blood-hound violent film.

Sam Bahadur had already entered the 100 crore club ( according to a report by Livemint). But, no hype was created over the biography of the legendary Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw. The audience who had watched this Bollywood movie came out with great praise for the director, Meghna Gulzar, the story, and, above all, Vicky Kaushal, who illuminated the character of Sam Manekshaw. 

Who was Sam Manekshaw in the Sam Bahadur Movie?

Many of us have yet to hear of Sam Manekshaw or read a story about him anywhere. After watching the movie, I was certain that there are many sung and unsung heroes in Indian history who are yet to receive accolades for their sacrifices or contributions to making India proud. Sam Manekshaw was one of those many who didn’t only make their life an example to many but will be remembered by many of us for his charismatic and lively nature. 

Manekshaw’s taste for victory started with his participation in serving with distinction during World War II, where he served with distinction. He was also appointed Chief of the Army Staff in 1969. He led the Indian Army to victory in the war against Pakistan in 1971 by supporting Bengali nationalists. The result of the war was the historical liberation of Bangladesh.

He was famous not only for his courageous achievements in wars but also for his sense of humor. There have been reports that when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked him if he was prepared to go to war against Pakistan in 1971, Manekshaw replied, “I am always ready, sweetie.” If the news is true, one can guess the level and comfort of his humor. 

Why Everyone Must Watch the Sam Bahadur Movie

The film “Sam Bahadur” did not waste the audience’s time or interest by showing Manekshaw’s childhood or youth days. It started with his days in the army, and that is also one of the many things that set the film apart. Not a single scene in the whole movie was wasted, fluffed, or prolonged. Meghna Gulzar beautifully and elegantly crafted each scene to be filled with suspense and thrill. History lovers undoubtedly celebrate each moment of each historical event that marked India’s glorious position in the world. 

The film highlighted a lot of small and big incidents that took place in Sam Manekshaw’s life. All the artists portraying small or big roles did their part brilliantly. But the one person who has grabbed attention is none other than Vicky Kaushal. He played the role of Sam Bahadur to a level of perfection. Starting from the way he walked to the way he delivered dialogue, it put him in a place where we did not see Vicky on the screen but the legend Sam Bahadur. 

The movie has elements like thrill and suspense. The suspense and interest are deeper here, as we know the story has already happened in reality. That makes it more demanding and worthwhile.

Why Indian Audiences Might Not Like The Movie

Unlike many other patriotic films, this film does not show much politics. Meghna was careful enough to sideline the characters of the ministers and make the hero of the film the focus of the movie. We heard what Sam Maneshaw had to say, but the film made us think like a true Indian who would be proud and interested in the affairs that involved Maneskshaw throughout the film. 

But is the Indian audience ready to embrace this kind of movie and send it to the box office? The two movies, Animal and Sam Bahadur, were released on the same day, but Animal’s marketing and publicity made people talk about it more than the other. I had watched a few clips of the movie and it seemed to be talking about a disturbing character. The movie flaunts all the actions deemed to be immoral. Then how could the audience like this movie and go ga ga over it? Clean and inspiring movies like Sam Bahadur, reflect courage, dedication, martyrdom, and sacrifices. Aren’t we Indians wise enough to choose between good taste and bad taste? 

If someone gives us 10 reasons to watch the movie “Animal,” then we can provide 100 reasons to turn to Sam Bahadur. The movie Animal shows the blood of innocent people caused by a rogue. Sam Bahadur shows the bloodshed of the Indian army and talks about the sacrifices of many martyrs. Animal talks about the central character being as bad as people can get. There we have Sam Manekshaw, who survived 9 bullets and fought for the freedom of innocent people. And if you are looking for steamy scenes, no, there aren’t any sizzling scenes, but what you will find in the movie is an amusing, romantic, and committed husband who has a lovely relationship with his wife. 

Final Thought

All I can say is that “Sam Bahadur” isn’t just a movie. It’s a tribute to a hero forgotten by many. It shines a light on the bravery and sacrifices of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, reminding us of the true essence of patriotism. While other films may grab headlines, this movie is a gem that deserves recognition for its storytelling and portrayal of history. So, let’s celebrate our heroes and the stories that inspire us to be better, one film at a time. It’s time for all of us to watch the unsung hero, “Sam Bahadur,” on ZEE 5.

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